Have you ever been part of a love triangle? Or a rectangle? Or any other shape?

Oo, ako yung pang-third. Syempre I never made patol. Meron kasing mga guys na hindi ko alam na married na pala or may girlfriend. I don’t need that kind of drama in my life. When I was younger, hindi ko alam na kinasal yung guy I was in a relationship with kaya hindi ko siya kasalanan.

Wow, hindi really had the nerve

Yeah, even though it’s really taboo here in the Philippines. It’s a reality so ingat-ingat at kailangan talagang kilalanin muna yung tao before getting serious. 

Do you have any tips for people who want to make sure they’re getting into a healthy relationship?

Uhm, hindi naman kasi ako madalas in a relationship kasi I’m always busy and hindi rin ako atat to find a new one. Siguro when Iwas younger pero not anymore. Siguro the only advice I can have is hiwalayan mo na when you find out he’s cheating.

Have you ever had guys fight over you?

Ay always! Ha ha! I don't know why I’m single nga eh. Siguro because I’m a career woman. I think it’s time to really think about the kind of relationship I really want to be in,

What kind of relationship us that?

I'll surprise you guys, I’ll let you know next month, ha ha! I’ll think about it first.


Do you have any tips for guys who want to be hubby material?

Well for me it’s more about being themselves. I know sometimes I can be intimidating na parang masungit because of stress sa buhay. Though, mukha lang naman akong intimidating or masungit! In general, not just for me but for dating as a whole, you guys should just be yourself and not pretend to be someone else.