Because these days there are so many opportunities out there for people to explore, it seems that a lot of us have taken naturally to becoming multitaskers. Or multihyphenates if you’re the trendier kind—you’re this-but-also-that-with-a-whole-lot-of-other-things-happening-on-the-side.

That is exactly the kind of person Ryza Cenon is. Everybody knows her as the good actress she is, but if we go by her IG profile you’ll find that she is more than that: she is also a painter, archer, hiker, chef (ish), and baker. That’s a whole lot of things in one very gorgeous package.

We got to know these many sides of her in between breaks at her exclusive #AOTheMagazine shoot. AOTheMagazine is's print special that comes out only twice a year, making it a true collectible. Ryza is there together with 11 other equally beautiful A-list celebrities so you can be sure the magazine is worth it. AOTheMagazine is available in Booksale, Filbar’s, and National Bookstore branches nationwide. #ToLoveAndToHold

Here are a couple of outtakes from that shoot. For the behind-the-scenes vid of the shoot, click here.

Art Direction by Paul Villariba
Styling by Romir Francis Lao To
Makeup by Beauty Abayan
Hair by Bryan Brix Batalia