Finding Tilapia

So the first part of her Tilapia series has her going to the grocery in the evening to buy her fish, way past palengke time. We love how Sanya effortlessly mixes and innocence and a certain bit of naughtiness, like when she asked the lady at the fish section, “may tilapia po kayo?” and then seconds it with a confused expression, which she seems to like to do often, like a mannerism—cute! Caption reads: “Parang may mali sa tanong ko?” Exactly, ha ha ha! 

Frying Tilapia

Second part is when she gets home and heads straight to the kitchen to cook the fish. First off, we have to say, ang dami palang aso! So guys, alam na what she adores. In the actual frying she got the the golden nugget of wisdom everyone has to learn to cook good friend tilapia: The pan should be really hot before you put the oil in, and then the oil should be really hot before you plop the tilapia in, para hindi dumikit yung balat niya. The result: perfectly cooked tilapia. Well done Sanya!