So you like dancing to jazz music?

Yes! That and I also like ballet.

Was it hard transitioning to the style of dance the Sex Bomb girls had?

I was actually scouted by Ate Keshia when I joined a contest on Showtime. She asked me to join one of the SB Newgen dance classes eh sakto jazz yung lesson so I think yun yung rason kung bakit ako natanggap in the first place. It wasn't that hard for me to transition to their style of dance kasi my personality is very Sexbomb already, he he.

How would you describe a "Sexbomb personality?"

Siyempre yung very palaban tapos hindi siya mahihiyang magpa-sexy.

How do you think the style of Sexbomb's performances changed through generations?

Siyempre kailangan tayo sumunod sa kung ano po yung usi di ba? Kung pareho lang yung ginawa namin parang old school masyado kaya baka hindi pansinin ng millennials so dapat mas millennial din yung sayaw.

What do you think millennials consider as sexy?

Iba-iba eh. Kasi some millennials now, they like thick girls, but some of them like skinny ones. It also depends who you asked pero I think everyone is sexy in their own way. it's not how your body is but it's how you own it. The old version of sexy kasi very bold. I mean, pag sinabing sexy kasi dati they're really talking about boobs and everything pero now kasi you can be sexy pero it's just your aura but your outfit can be mas wholesome.

So, what's your kind of sexy?

It depends on my mood eh. There are days when I just want to be like very pabebe. Like I'll wear like, a crop top and shorts, and some pigtails like Harley Quinn. But, there will be days that I feel like dressing up na mas mature and sexy so I'll wear like a bralette lang and shorts.

A lot of our half Filipina models get a bit of culture shock when they first tried to live in the Philippines, did you have the same experience?

Yeah, kasi in the [United] States, sanay ako na hindi mag-cycling shorts when you go to the mall. You can wear whatever you want, whenever you go out. Pero here kasi in the Philippines, parang, if you go to the mall and you're just wearing like, a super iksi skirt or something and you're showing your cleavage pa, people will judge. When I went to the beach at my mom's province, I was just wearing a bikini that tie and everyone was staring at me. I even saw some people wearing long sleeves and t-shirts, and I couldn't understand why they would do that kasi ang init-init sa beach! So ayon, parang ang hirap at first pero na-adapt ko rin yung culture eventually.

Do you wish Filipinos would be more open-minded about what you choose to wear?

Yeah, I think it would be better if the Philippines would just accept kung ano yung gusto suotin ng tao. Parang hayaan mo na lang, just let them be.  Why even stress over what other people are wearing? Kung doon sila masaya then why take that away from them?

Have you ever received weird comments from guys about the stuff you wear?

Yeah, I noticed some men, they like looking at pictures of women wearing those sexy lingerie, but they'll have comments like "siguro ganito siya" or "easy to get 'yan" eh paano kapag ganyan lang yung suot pero pinasuot lang sa kanya? You don't even know the person... malay mo no boyfriend since birth yan! Ang hirap kasi ang daming nagju-judge ngayon just by what they see you wearing or how you act, so I think we should drop that sort of concept in the Philippines.

Okay, let's prove a point then. How do you act when you're not performing?

It depends on the group of people I'm with. Like, if i want to be with my friends na mga sassy, then I'll act and wear something more classy like something with heels pero if I'm with my close friends from college I can shift to something more kengkoy.

How do Philippines will be able to become more open-minded?

I don't know kasi automatic na parang kahit sabihin mo na wag silang mag-judge, magju-judge rin naman sila. Lahat naman kasi tayo nagju-judge in a way but you can keep it yourself. You're entitled to your own opinion but you don't have to share it if it's below-the-belt or something. There is so much hate because people get to comment on anything they see online. Kung ayaw mo eh di just keep scrolling... wag mo na lang pansinin tapos wag ka na rin mag-comment kasi you won't be affected naman so why even bother?

What would happen if people become more accepting?

I think if they accepted like, wearing sexier clothes, people would be more encouraged to dress how they want. Kasi I think na some people want to dress sexy but don't have the guts to do it kasi people will judge them and say, "Ano ba yan? Ang iksi naman ng palda/shorts niya! Siguro malandi yan!" You should be able to be proud of your own body and own it without being scared of what other people will say.

Art Director: Paul Villariba
Styling: Debra Bernales
Hair: Team MVP (Muriel Vega-Perez)
Makeup: Team MVP (Muriel Vega-Perez)