Did you ever think of becoming a celebrity in Italy or in Europe?

Actually, inisip ko rin yan kasi yung pamilya ko sa Spain, showbiz family rin. My cousins are very artistic people, musicians. They're very active in the industry. Naisip ko rin yun na pwede kayang doon na lang ako mag-artista but I love the Philippines and my mom is here and I love the people's love for movies and teleseryes. I love that culture so I'm pursuing it here for now. 

I think that a half-Filipina, half-foreigner would have an easier time becoming an artista because a lot of people notice how you're different, is that true?

I think I'm just a mix of a heaps of cultures so I think the moment people meet me or get to speak to me, they know that I've been places, I've lived elsewhere and so, I suppose that helps in getting noticed but I don't think it's an easier path. If I wasn't Spanish, I think it would be still as challenging. I don't think either way is easier. 

Do you have any idols from the Philippines?

Gustong-gusto ko talaga si Ms. Anne Curtis. I love her confidence, yung work ethic niya and she's very talented. She's great at everything... even when she sings! It's amazing because she just owns it, and I love that.

Anne Curtis also has a mixed heritage as well!

I believe that people in this industry, we open doors for each other. I believe that mixed women like Anne and Liza, they've helped open the doors for other mixed girls that want to be in showbiz as well. Maybe a couple of years ago, people would've said that I wasn't really Filipino... even though I am. I'm just completely Filipino. I grew up here, I was born here, this is my home, and this is my country.

Who do you want to become? Like what's your goal?

Every time I'm in front of the camera and portraying a character, I feel my most free, my most happy, but at the same time, I think what's more important than that is I want to build a platform through which I can affect change and shine light on important causes. I believe everyone was meant to help everyone. We're not meant to be just individuals, going about life on our own. I believe we should all be holding hands and helping each other. I'd like to create a platform that will shine a light on people that are less fortunate and less privileged.

Well, here's your chance! What causes do you want to promote

My family is very involved in charity work. We have a prison ministry. It's the correctional institute for women and every month, binibisita namin yung mga inmates sa institution and we share food and basic necessities. There are elderly women, puro senior citizen na walang bumibisita. Aside from sharing food and medicine, we share about God, as well. We share about the gospel. I think we shouldn't forget the people that are incarcerated. I think they're still very much a part of our country and whatever they did in the past, they're paying for it, in time and so, I'm very passionate about being a light to them.

How much influence do you think celebrities have on Filipino people?

So much influence, definitely. I think celebrities are aspirational, right? Even me, as a young girl and even now, I look up to celebrities, I look up to actors and actresses and I wanted to be them. I would want to eat what they were eating, do what they were doing, and listen to what they're listening to. I feel as though, if people see a celebrity lending a helping hand or something really simple like giving a homeless person food, seeing the celebrities that they admire do that, that already can create a domino effect of act of kindness which is important.