We're honestly not that into the TikTok scene since there is a lot of cringe content uploaded on there but we'd be lying if we said this didn't make us smile.

Apparently this dance is going viral on TikTok since a lot of cute girls are doing it but we have to give props to this killer track by Lil Boom called "Already Dead" that appeals to our Lo-Fi weab trash selves on an ethereal level.

But because this is the Internet, we just can't have nice things. We're so sad to hear that the Filipino Twitter/Tiktok community is making this girl, Leanne, popular for all the wrong reasons. They're bashing her for god knows what.

If you're reading this Leanne, on behalf of the Filipino community, we're sorry, and we hope you believe us when we say that we aren't all thirsty bois or fandom lunatics.

We hope you're good and that you keep doing you!