In case you guys didn't know, despite loads of reminders and invitations, it was VIVACon last August 3-4. We told you guys that VIVACon was going to be amazing, and that the VMX booth was going to be lit, but some of you guys still didn't attend.

Okay, maybe you got stuck at home because of the storm or maybe you didn't have enough cash but think about it this way, kung pumunta ka dapat may picture ka na with Yam Concepcion, Kylie Verzosa, Ella Cruz, Rhen Escaño, VIVA Hot Babes, Mara Sheha Lee, Patricia Anna Quiogue, Christine Co, at sobrang dami pang girls kaya sayang pa rin.

Here's a quick FOMO-inducing video on everything you missed out on because you weren't at the VMX Booth at VIVA Con.