People love beauty pageants. Who wouldn't like to watch beautiful people from all across the world strutting their stuff and showing off their culture on an international stage? No wonder beauty queens like Kylie, Pia, Catriona, and most recently Gazini Ganados are becoming more and more popular.

While watching these women on stage is a blessing in itself, what we really love about these women is the fact that they give back to the world and the people who adore them so much. Kylie has her own group, Mental Health Matters, that brings awareness to mental health problems who are in need of help. and provides a safe space for people who want to share their experiences.

This amazing woman has even given Ted talks about her advocacies!

All these women deserve all the love in the world because they're beautiful, as cliche as it sounds, inside and out. We get a chance to catch Kylie in her most intimates to get to know her a bit more. Watch:

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