One thing writers like us hate to read is when another person uses the phrase, "words can't describe." It's like you're blaming language for your own deficiencies as a writer, which is really sad. Though, at times, we meet artists like Rhen that makes us want to question our pretentiousness because it's very, very difficult to describe what makes her so... uhm, yeah.

Whenever we try to describe Rhen, we always fall back to saying, "She has THAT look." And it's a weird way to describe a look because it connotes something generic or an aesthetic you would see everyday, which is the exact opposite of what we actually mean. She has THAT look that sets her apart from the overwhelming amount of people trying to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

It's the kind of look that ironically, you can describe with very broad and overarching statements like "it's a look that you won't forget," and "there's more to her than meets the eye," but at the same time is very specific that when WE see it, we just know.

Sure, we could mention her killer haircut that really brings out how pretty she is, or maybe the childish features on her face that just adds a level of pleasant discrepancy in our brains when we see her act in such a mature manner. But honestly, we think those things would never sufficiently bring her justice.

So, instead of blaming LANGUAGE ITSELF for not being able to describe Rhen well, we'll admit that we're probably just too smitten. Ganda niya eh.