Feeling thirsty?

Well, you guys are in luck because this IG influencer/ gamer girl is selling her bath water. Yup, you heard that right, Belle 19, @belle.delphine, or Belle Delphine was selling her bath water at her online shop belledelphinestore.com, that is until it SOLD OUT. Which means people ACTUALLY BOUGHT THE PRODUCT. 

There are a lot of reasons why we're truly losing hope in humanity, but this is probably one of the more interesting ones. Belle Delphine has made a name for herself through posting sexy photos and videos of herself in strangely erotic situations like


Pouring raw eggs over her body

Failing at eating cereal properly

And this D.VA Cosplay

Now, we're not judging her for posting stuff like this because everyone has their own hustle. She has 3.8 million followers on Instagram, which means she's doing something right. Plus, she's definitely been cashing in from the sales she's made off her merchandise and the donations she gets from her Patreon.

She's also on P*rnhub.com, which we won't link because reasons

If she's making this much money off being weird AF, maybe we're the ones that got this social media thing wrong? Maybe we were too focused on making everything look aesthetic and #goals that we forgot that "memes" are what really brings us all together.

Belle Delphine's online persona is a living meme and we wouldn't be surprised if the people who actually bought her bath water were going to make *QUALITY CONTENT* of their own (because we actually had the same idea) and milk her virality for all it's worth. It's a never-ending process of coming up with what to post next that'll keep people engaged.

In the end, it's all fun, games, and memes until somewhat actually tries to drink her bath water and gets poisoned. Until then, we'll just enjoy the weird sh*t people come up with to get everyone's attention, which we'll then write about to get your attention.