1. We're in love with her talent

Your ears have definitely been missing out if you haven't had the privilege of hearing Kim Molina sing live (you actually have no excuse considering how many freaking runs Rak of Aegis had). If you haven't, well then you'll sadly have to settle with video recordings uploaded on YouTube like the one above. Support theater, guys! 

2. She's downright hilarious

Even if you're too uncultured for theater, at least you'll be able to sometimes see her in web shows like VinCentiments. You get to appreciate how her theater background contributes to how well she delivers lines. You know a comedian's funny when you're already laughing even before she delivers the punchline!

3. Her boyfriend, Jerald Napoles, is equally awesome

We would love to be third wheels in a JOWAvlogs episode because of how fun it seems to hang out with this #PowerCouple. We mean, how could a day with two super talented, super kalog, and super kilig-inducing artists not be? 

P.S. Props to the editor, who is definitely a man/woman of culture, for including a JOJO REFERENCE at the end.

4. She's adorable AF

Even when she's not acting, we can't help but fall in love with her character. Walang keme-keme, totoong-totoo sa sarili, which is honestly so rare in show business. We hope she stays as humble and pabebe as this forever <3

5. She's definitely one of our InstaCrushes

We honestly don't feel like we have to elaborate more on why we think this girl is gorgeous inside and out, so instead, we'll just share news of her next big project with you guys!

In case you haven't heard, Kim Molina is starring in a new movie called #jowable, about a jowable NBSB (no-boyfriend-since-birth) who has the worst luck when it comes to romance. #JOWABLE is premiering in cinemas nationwide September 25, 2019 and we can't wait to see it!

The #Jowable OST is a banger as well