Louise Delos Reyes

This bubbly beauty wow'd us with her charming attitude during our #AOTheMagazine shoot. She made posing look effortless and our jobs a lot easier.

And, isn't she just the cutest person ever in this video? You can see more photos of Louise delos Reyes in our article here.

Cindy Miranda

If you guys and girls need a fitspiration then you guys better brace your abs for Cindy Miranda. If you haven't seen our shoot with her for #AOTheMagazine then you're definitely missing out. Check out our article here for more photos of Cindy Miranda.

Zarah Tolentino

We love a girl who can dance and this girl can definitely shake it with the best of them (did you see her metaphorically set the stage on fire in Indak?)  If you haven't then here's a quick teaser:

See more photos of this girl from her AOmnl shoot here.

Debbie Garcia

One scroll down Debbie Garcia's IG feed and you'll probably get a nosebleed. Everything about this girl just screams sexy. It's no wonder men's magazines put this stunner on their cover. 

Not to spoil anything but you'll probably see more of her here on AOmnl soon.

Vanessa Wright

We got an opportunity to shoot Vanessa Wright for AOmnl and we have to say that this Fil-Aussie knocked our socks off. Read our feature article of her here to get to know her a bit better and to see more of her amazing photos.

Jourdanne Castillo

Jourdanne Castillo was born for commercials. Not only does she have a face that you'll never get tired of looking at, we'd also probably end up buying whatever she's endorsing because of how convincing of an actress she is! 

Look forward to seeing more of her here on AOmnl.com.

Samantha Page

This adventurous girl is actually one of AOmnl's microshow hosts on YouTube called Sam vs The World. Watch her go against World Champion Competitive Eater, Rix "Terabite" Francisco below! 

Katya Santos

This woman needs no introductions because who the hell doesn't know Katya Santos? We're actually extremely excited to work with her and some of her other gorgeous friends (guess who) here on AOmnl so you guys better get ready for that. 

Patricia Javier

Saying that Patricia Javier has "still got it" is more than an understatement because this woman has got it and then some. Seriously, she just won the title of Mrs. Universe Philippines 2019 and this queen 100% deserves it!

Jennifer Lee

We're honestly not sure why Jennifer Lee just stopped aging after turning 21. Maybe it's her love for hip and cool things like DJ-ing? We don't know and we're not complaining.

Angela Tinimbang

We're embarrassed to say that it's our first time hearing this girl's name because the fact that such a talented cutie went under our radar is unacceptable. Well, we guess it's another thing we have to thank Sanggano, Sanggago't Sanggwapo for.

Joyce Zabat

We got another amazing dancer on our list and this time she's an expert bellydancer. Oh, excuse us, we meant she's a bellydancing goddess!

Janna Roque

We have another InstaCrush for you guys to follow. She's been a model since she was a teenager and you can sense how confident this girl is on camera.

Sanggano Sanggago't Sanggwapo is showing in cinemas nationwide so you better not miss out on all the jokes, laughs, and extremely hot and talented women.