Takako Saito was bound to be one of this generation’s prettiest faces in local entertainment. Starting in her early teens, she had done workshops for the two giant TV networks before eventually getting projects at GMA 7. It was her stint at the longest running noontime show Eat Bulaga in 2016-2017 that could have paved the way for her to become a household name. 

But you know someone with such fine beauty and youthful exuberance was bound for something bigger. 

In 2018 she announced that she had joined a Japanese girl group called FAKY and that she would be based in Japan.

A stint like that is every girl’s dream come true, in the same vein as when Sandara Park broke into the international scene when she became a member of iconic K-pop group 2NE1. Now 19, Taki is finally unleashing her full potential and blossoming into a very beautiful woman. 

Taki's look deserves to go international

Her cuteness levels are off the charts

With the girls of FAKY

Taki's kawaii moves

We wouldn't be surprised if she becomes as big as Sandara

Those rehearsals must be very tiring

Taki slaying it!

An idea for a horror movie probably?

Taki in sexy mode

This is J-pop

Ang lakas ng dating ni Taki!

Taki would be a perfect endorser for international brands