Favorite color

Pink pero mas gusto ko lately mga Neon Colors

Favorite food

Sinigang na baboy with patis and sili please hahaha

Favorite Song

"Statue" by Lil Eddie. Yan fave ko now kasi in love ako ngayon hi hi!

Motto in Life

In a world where you can be anything, be kind.

Favorite sexy piece of clothing

spaghetti straps

What do you wear when you sleep at night?

A large t-shirt or sometimes nothing! 

What is love?

It makes you complete 

What is sex?

It makes you crave for more 

What time of the day is sex great for you? 

Anytime of the day. Basta kung kailan ka tamaan go lang!! Ha ha! 

Long foreplay or game agad?

It depends minsan gusto ko ng long foreplay kapag gusto ko magpainit haha pero minsan kasi hindi mo na matiis gusto ko game agad!