So is this your first time posing for a sexy photo shoot?

I've done photo shoots before in a bikini for Binibining Pagsanjan, but this is my first time posing for an online magazine.

Though, you seem to be comfortable posting sexier photos on Instagram

Yeah, but I guess it's different when you're working with a professional photographer. It's always either my brother or my mom who shoots those beach photos so there's not that much pressure.

Would you be more comfortable if we had this shoot at the beach then?

Maybe, kasi parang mas comfortable ako with my body and skin when I'm in that sort of environment. Parang mas restrictive yung feeling when I'm indoors. Siguro when I'm older like in my late 20s, I'll be more open to sexier shoots but I think I'm not at that point in my life yet.

So is your shoot with AOmnl your first step towards a sexier image?

Iba-iba kasi yung branding ko. May time na medyo mas sexy yung mga pino-post ko tapos may times din na very childlike, iba-iba yung pagkakilala ng mga fans sa akin. Siguro I want a mix of both na kaya kong maging sexy and sweet at the same time. As an actress I want to be versatile so that I can aspire for diverse roles.

And what better way to jump start an acting career than to star in films with legendary actors such as Andrew E., Janno Gibbs, Dennis Padilla, and the late, great Eddie Garcia. Here's a laugh out loud trailer of Sanggano Sanggago't Sanggwapo complete with killer punchlines, gorgeous girls, and legendary gwapings.


Art direction by Paul Villariba
Styling by Deb Bernales
Makeup by Nicole Ceballos
Hair by Muriel Vega-Perez
Shot on location Edge of Light Studios