The Motivations of Sugar Relationships 



 1. Financial Support:

  • Sugar Babies: Some people engage in sugar daddy relationships for financial support. Educational expenses, living costs, and having the chance to enjoy a more luxurious lifestlye are some of the prime examples that a sugar baby may benefit from when enagaged in this type of relationship.
  • Sugar Daddies: On the flip side, certain people seeking the role of a sugar daddy may be in search of companionship and are open to offering financial assistance in return. Additionally, sugar daddies may also propose relationships that involve a sexual component.

2. Companionship and Emotional Support:

  • Sugar Babies: More than just the financial benefits, some people might be in search of emotional support, mentorship or companionship.
  • Sugar Daddies: Similarly, sugar daddies migght be also seeking companionship, intimacy, or someone to share their experiences with.

3. Power Dynamics and Control:

  • Sugar Babies: In certain cases, certain people may be drawn to the percieved power dynamic in such relationships, finding it exciting and alluring.
  • Sugar Daddies: In the realm of these relationships, there are two coveted elements that sugar daddies desire — control and influence. These sources of power are inherent to the role of being the provider within the dynamics of such relationships.

4. Flexible Arrangements:

  • Sugar Babies: The flexible nature of sugar relationships, often without the long-term commitments of traditional relationships, can be appealing to those who value independence.
  • Sugar Daddies: Similarly, some sugar daddies may appreciate the lack of pressure for a long-term commitment.

5. Online Platforms and Technology:

  • Sugar Babies and Daddies: As mentioned earlier, we find ourselves amidst the era of social media dominance, a phenomenon that has streamlined interpersonal connections and fostered the growth of sugar relationships. The anonymity provided by these platforms can also be a major factor in shaping these dynamics.

Now that we have explored some of the reasons and motivations of people engaging in sugar relationships, let's see what our VMX crush has to say in this social context. Read the insights of Robb Guinto below:





What are your opinions in sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships?

Wala namang masama... kasi unang una, choice nila yun eh. Choice nila na pumasok sa ganyang sitwasyon and syempre for sure naman, bago nila yun pasukin, talagang may reasons sila para gawin yon. Like para sa family nila, or may financial problems. So, siguro wag nalang sila (people in a sugar relationships) makinig sa sasabihin ng ibang tao, kasi kung yun talaga yung makakatulong sa kanila, okay lang naman. Pero kung may ibang options pa naman, sana yun nalang. Wag na sila pumasok sa sugar dating.


Why do you think people resort to sugar relationships? What are their motivations?

Kasi doon sa movie namin na 'Sugar Baby,' kaya siya (character of Azi Acosta) napilitan pumasok sa ganong sitwasyon kasi yung anak niya ay na-ospital tapos wala silang pambayad ng bills and na-discover nila na yung anak niya ay may leukemia. Tapos wala na siyang ibang way para makakuha ng pera, and also tinanggal din kasi siya sa trabaho niya. So wala na siyang ibang options — kaya siya pumasok sa sugar relationship. 'Gagawin ko to' para sa anak ko,' yun nalang yung naging mentality niya.


For you personally, are you open to engage in a sugar relationship?

Hmmmm... ako kasi may motto kasi ako sa buhay ko: kung yung mga taong may kapansanan nga kaya pang mag trabaho, ako pa kaya na healthy, syempre kayang kaya ko din magtrabaho. Bakit ko pipiliin pumasok sa sugar relationship kung kaya ko naman, diba? So, hindi, ayoko and ayoko din kumbinsihin or hikayatin yung ibang tao na pumasok sa sugar dating, kasi hangga't kaya naman nilang gawin yung mga bagay na hindi kailangan pumasok sa ganyan, gawin nila. Maraming ibang options.



As we mentioned earlier, people who are in a sugar relationship have different motivations and not everyone fits neatly into the categories we stated above.


Additionally, there is ongoing debate about the ethics and potential risks associated with such arrangements, including concerns about exploitation and the impact on the particapants' well-being.


That being said, researches continue to explore these dynamics to gain a better understanding of the motivations and consequences of sugar daddy and baby relationships.


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