05. Hibang



Being married to the woman you’ve been admiring for years is nothing but an absolute dream. Starting the list is a steamy slow burn of young best friends turned husband and wife, Issa (played by Rica Gonzales) and Tristan (played by Ali Asistio), face their past as Issa struggles with her trauma brought back by a partial amnesia episode. Remembering her days with her paramour, Carmela (played by Sahara Bernales) Issa is at a crossroads of truth and deception. Hibang starts with Issa waking up to her husband lost in time, trying to pick up the pieces of her memories. Unable to remember their marriage, Tristan aids his wife in remembering while manipulating the stories as she remembers them. Hibang takes on an adventure of delusion and obsession centered on sexual and romantic relationships in the so-called love triangle. 





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04. Bedspacer




Sex can be a hobby to some— an adventure to others even. Following our list is Bedspacer by Carlo Obispo, a sexy, dauntless thriller centered on two female roommates, Janine (played by Christine Bermas) and Lexi (played by Micaella Raz), and their twisted rise to campus stardom. Bedspacer begins with Janine slowly getting comfortable in her new dorm and school while hiding her sexual desires to almost every man and woman she encounters. Luckily, she meets her roommate, Lexie, a wild girl who has introduced her to the world of partying and narcotics. Janine’s impulse in sex slowly grows larger as she encounters more sexy escapades with her new friend. While enjoying their time, they have discovered the darkness while basking in the limelight of fame and sex. Looking for a sexy rollercoaster ride? This twisted thriller is for you!




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