VMX Bellas Denise Esteban, Angelica Cervantes, Hershie De Leon, and Quinn Carrillo, who play four best friends in the movie, savor their on-screen connection with genuine affection. Our four stars have experienced comfort and inclusivity from their director and team during difficult sequences and challenging performances. They have received the best support for their preferences and skillful execution of their craft. With powerful and striking women, Hasler's creative and talent calibre endows a film with guaranteed quality; from steaming to dramatic performances, our four stars did not fail to impress. Most significantly, they have served as a representation of people through both their finest and worst moments, creating an ironically brutal representation of women in hard-to-reach regions that we rarely witness in real life.


With shrouded messages embedded in character representations, background themes, and the very color grading of sequences, Dir. Langit has saturated the film with a bigger, daring message meant for the audience. While fantasizing steamy and exciting films is an entertaining avocation, films like Haslers do not only engage in entertainment but also a deep glance at humanity. 


As we are used to stimulating and arousing scenes and stories, under the masks of four beautiful, sexy, and alluring femme fetales unveils the shocking truths of the world for women. A film of substance, enrobed in a tantalizing and alluring film; prepare for surprises as “Haslers” has many explosive revelations coming for you.


HASLERS, streaming only on Vivamax!